Scott Bartow

Dr. D'Souza is awesome! I had been having pain in my right leg from running, after my adjustment I shaved over three minutes off of my 5k time. Also sleeping the best I have in months. Great experience!

Amy B.

Balance 4 Life Chiropractic and Graston Technique has greatly reduced my Plantar Fasciitis pain of 2 years. Most patients are not familiar with this technique, it truly is an amazing procedure and the results are proven. Dr. D is committed to your health and nutrition. The most important part of therapy is he listen’s and takes the time to explain the treatment and how it works within your muscles. Thank you!

Dana Hatton

Good Morning Miracle Worker!! I have to tell you I have not hurt since Friday afternoon!! And I always hurt, or rather used to always hurt. You are incredible!…I feel worlds better and everyone should come see you!


I’m so happy to have found the doctor at balance4lifechiropractic. In just a few short months, he helped me not only with the pain in my back, but also with nutritional counseling. He inspired me to improve my diet and to workout to get into better physical shape. Most importantly, he spends time with me, using the latest techniques and equipment to help me with my back pain. I’m hooked and can’t imagine going to any other chiropractic center ever again!…

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