Restaurants in Midlothian

On the south of the James River is a village in Chesterfield County called Midlothian. It has evolved to be a place filled with attractions over the years. Visitors can get educational tours about the railroad and mining industries’ history in Chesterfield County at Midlothian Mines Park. Learn more here.

Padow’s Hams and Deli

You can get a perfect selection of deli meats and fresh sandwiches from a chain of Virginia restaurants called Padow’s Hams & Deli. The restaurant has a spacious and bright eatery on the Colony Crossing Plaza. If you are looking for a quiet lunch break on a warm day, you will find the place quite ideal. Learn more about Top Activities in Midlothian.

Penn Station East Coast

Established in 1985, you will enjoy freshly-squeezed lemonade, hand-cut French fries, and East Coast subs at Penn Station. With more than 300 locations in 15 states, the eatery continues to be famous for its cold subs and salads, and cheesesteak. If you are in Midlothian, you can enjoy fresh sandwiches with freshly baked bread.

A Taste of Italy

You will find the Taste of Italy in the Waterfront shopping mall. It is a colorful and charming pizzeria and restaurant operated by the Parlanti family for years. The place also offers a lovely outdoor space, a cozy dining room, and a selection of menus that has something for everyone.