Slipped Disc

slipped disc Midlothian VA

Slipped disk is the term used for a herniated disk, which is when the disks located between the vertebra of the spine become ruptured. Herniated disks often result from smaller injuries that grow into larger injuries. For example, if you sneeze and feel a sudden back pain that continues and worsens and moves to your leg, then you may have a herniated disk.

A chiropractor can assess your medical history, give a physical examination and execute neurologist and orthopedic tests. Several factors will be looked at such as reflexes, muscle strength and nerve sensations. Sometimes, a chiropractor may even find an X-ray or an MRI to be required in diagnosing the problem. They will evaluate the spine completely to analyze its function and use this information to conclude whether the patient has a slipped disk. They may refer you to a spine surgeon, but there are several treatments that chiropractic care consists of for a slipped disk to help with pain as well as other symptoms. Some of these treatments include:

  • Spinal manipulation

  • Manual therapy

  • Relaxation exercises

  • Creating a custom plan according to the patient’s pain, amount of activity and overall health

  • Pelvic blocking treatments that lures the disk away from the nerve that it may be applying pressure to

  • Flexion-distraction technique, which stretches the spine and gently pumps the painful area to help further move the disc from the nerve, so the nerve root becomes less inflamed. This comes with numerous other treatments including:

  • Supplements

  • Adjunctive physiotherapy

  • Home treatments