Shoulder Pain

shoulder pain Midlothian VA

There are a number of different causes for shoulder pain, ranging from car accident injuries to arthritis problems. The shoulder area plays a key role in completing daily activities and if a patient experiences any shoulder pain, it is advised that it should be taken seriously and treated, so worsening of the condition can be avoided.

Shoulder pain is something that should require immediate attention- some symptoms include decreased functioning of the arms, pain in the shoulder that persists while resting, decreased ability to hold objects, and unusual aches in the shoulder area.

One type of effective treatment for shoulder pain is chiropractic care. The treatment usually begins with an examination of the patient’s neck area by the chiropractor. Chiropractic care can treat shoulder pain whether it is connected to the neck or the lower part of the shoulder.

Some ways a chiropractor may treat shoulder pain so that it can return to its original state of functionality includes:

  • application of ice packs

  • application of heat

  • light stretching and strengthening exercises

  • manipulation