Food Allergies

food allergies Midlothian VA

Although chiropractic care and allergies sound like two things that don’t go together, they’re much more connected than you think when you consider how many ailments are connected with something else in our bodies we may not think relates. In the case of allergies, the reasons behind them are due to our immune systems being compromised and our bodies reacting when exposed to things in the environment. Fortunately, the immune system can be repaired with some chiropractic care, since the body affects everything.

 The Problems of Subluxation

There is a direct correlation between the nervous system and the immune system. When our nervous system gets affected, it’s going to throw our immune system out of whack and make us more vulnerable to disease. In the case of our spine, when it gets out of alignment, it ultimately creates the same kind of domino effect.

That’s why those of us here at Balance 4 Life Chiropractic surprise so many people when our chiropractic care clears up certain conditions once thought to not be related. In many cases, pain in other parts of the body can be caused by a subluxation, or dislocation of the spine.

The same issue can wreak havoc on the immune system and bring on various types of allergies. It’s why so many allergies could potentially be eliminated when chiropractic care is given serious consideration. Through our procedures, we’ll relieve the stress on the nerve from the misaligned vertebra in the spine. In turn, this frees any obstructions to your immune system to help your body function normally again.

But does that mean the end of every type of allergy?

Dealing with Food Allergies

Yes, healing your immune system with chiropractic care potentially could help you eliminate food allergies. By reducing histamine in the body that normally causes allergies, it might create a chain reaction of repair in how you digest food. While we can’t promise food allergies will be eliminated completely, the secret is doing a combination of chiropractic care with more healthful eating. By eliminating the most common foods that cause allergies, the combination of chiropractic and diet attention will gradually reduce histamine.

The less histamine there is in your body, the better chance there is of food allergies at least being considerably lessened.