Bed Wetting

bed wetting Midlothian VA

Bed wetting is a condition that is stressful for everyone involved. Not being able to control your bladder can cause shame, embarrassment and even interfere with normal social development. There has yet to be any findings on exactly what causes bedwetting, but is most common for children under the age of four. Children under four years of age typically have trouble realizing that their bladders are full and underdeveloped bladders may also occur in young children.

Although bed wetting is common in children, if your child has been dry at night for a period of time and suddenly begins bed wetting again, it might be a sign that something is wrong. Typically this happens when a new stress is caused in the child’s life- for example, adapting to changes at home, moving to a new neighborhood, parental divorce are just to name a few. It is important that you take your child to the doctor if he or she has been dry and begins to wet the bed again at night.

Chiropractic care is a great remedy is removing any irritation affecting nerves that control the bladder function. The nerves leave an area of the spine called the Sacrum. The Sacrum is a large fused bone that is extremely resistant to injury in adults. However, the sacrum is divided into five different segments during childhood. When these segments are interrupted by misalignment from a fall or other traumas, the nerve responsible for the bladder function becomes affected. Although chiropractic care is not typically a treatment for bed wetting, there have been many studies that demonstrate chiropractic care can help children suffering from bed wetting.