Asthma Midlothian VA

Asthma is a lung condition as well rapidly growing epidemic that many people suffer from. Cases of asthma have gone up by over sixty percent, and approximately five thousand people suffer fatally from asthma every year. Doctors are unsure of why asthma cases are increasing so quickly, but contact with allergens has been found to be a cause in some patients. There are other factors that may play a part in asthma attacks as well such as:

  • Stress such as moving houses or starting a new job

  • Genetics

  • Decreased air quality can cause exposure to allergens

  • Food can cause exposure to allergens due to preservatives

  • C-section births

  • Anti-biotic consumption

  • Increase in vaccinations

Chiropractors can be helpful in lowering the frequency of a patient’s asthma attack, but since it is a chronic disease it cannot be cured. Treatments that help in controlling asthma are used instead such as medication and treatment programs. Chiropractors can help find what allergen exposure may be provoking the asthma attacks and find ways to lessen exposure.

A particularly important factor of asthma that chiropractic care assists in is stress. There are several ways that your chiropractor can lower your stress and cause less triggers for asthma attacks, and these include:

  • Biofeedback

  • Stress management techniques

  • Meditation techniques

  • Massages

  • Chiropractic manipulation

  • Respiratory/breathing exercises

Chiropractors are effective in treating asthma because not only can they treat the condition with basic stress relieving techniques, but they can identify the factors in a patient’s lifestyle that are contributing to his/her asthma and what changes must be made to improve the patient’s health in the long term.