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Welcome to Balance 4 Life Chiropractic located right here in Midlothian Virginia in the county of Chesterfield not far from Hull Street. We are near the Brandermill and Woodlake communities near the Swift Creek reservoir. Thank you for stopping by our website to learn more about how our Chiropractic service can help you with your back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, joint pain and other issues.

In addition to being a doctor of chiropractic care Dr. D’souza also has a degree in nutrition. This means we like to take a holistic approach to common issues like back pain because part of the pain could be inflammation and not just joint or spine issues. Our office has had tremendous success with treating everything from knee pain to fibromyalgia. Schedule your FREE initial consultation with the form on the right or give us a call to set your appointment. We look forward to helping you put the balance back in your life!

Back Pain Relief

“I was just putting on my pants”, “I went to pick up a piece of paper”, “I simply woke up and…” I have heard many, many more situations that entailed simple everyday routine events that ended up in intense back pain. Millions of Americans experience back pain whether it is low back pain, middle back pain or upper back pain. Whether it is chronic or acute, this pain can prevent you from going to work, going to school, taking care of your loved ones or doing the simple things you love to do. But it doesn’t have to. Here at Balance 4 Life Chiropractic we can help you achieve relief from this pain without medications. Medications have their place but too often we are overusing them and actually just treating the symptom without treating the cause. We can help you start enjoying all the simple things in life once again by relieving you of the pain and addressing the cause behind it.

Back pain can be caused by numerous medical conditions that can involve injury to the joints, muscles or connective tissue that surround the nerves. The way our body functions is by receiving and sending signals to our brain from nerves throughout our body. All these nerves eventually have to me at our spinal cord to make the final trip up. Surrounding the spinal cord are bones that are called “vertebrae” and each one joins with another to form joints in our back. These joints are not only improving the way we move but form a flexible protective housing for our spinal cord. If a joint for one reason or another gets misaligned the signal for the nerve gets affected. That small misalignment can lead to severe back pain. Joints can be misaligned by injury, overuse, poor posture, stress, excess weight, as well as many other causes. This is when Chiropractic care can really help you.

Here at Balance 4 Life Chiropractic I will take a complete history and perform neurological and orthopedic tests to try and isolate the compliant. In addition to my Doctorate of Chiropractic I also have a Masters of Applied Clinical Nutrition and I will use all of my expertise to help relieve your back pain. The reason the name of my practice starts with “Balance” is because we have to balance you from head to toe, inside and out. You never know where the pain is coming from so I refuse to chase it but rather treat the whole body to address the reason behind the pain.

Neck Pain Relief

Often a patient walks into my office with their head tilted to one side. The reason behind them range from waking up in the morning with this pain to a physical injury that started it. The most common reason patients are coming in with neck pain now is “Tech Neck”. This is caused from the repetitive motion of looking down to use a handheld device, most commonly cell phones. This position puts an abnormal tension on the neck (cervical spine) when it is held here for too long. The head weighs about 10lbs but the stress from this prolonged position creates as much as 60lbs of stress on the neck, spine, muscles and ligaments. I am even seeing “tech neck” in kids as young as 10 years old.

Any of the above situations can cause one of our protective vertebrae for our spinal cord to move out of place initiating an inflammatory response that we feel as pain. This can lead to a stiff neck, neck strain, neck sprain and neck pain. Chiropractic care can help alleviate the pain and address the problem behind it. Here at Balance 4 Life Chiropractic we will perform precise adjustments when warranted to alleviate the stress by the nerves and reduce the inflammation. In addition we will use focused stretches, exercises, traction and nutrition to help reinforce the healing period. We know the importance of being able to do the daily activities of life without neck pain interfering with it.

Leg, Hip and Knee Pain Relief

Many times patients walk into the office with Hip, Knee or Leg pain. Any one of these pain complaints can be related or completely separate. Obtaining the proper Hip pain relief, Knee pain relief or Leg pain relief is all determined by where the real pain is coming from. Here at Balance 4 Life Chiropractic we will do a thorough initial visit that consists of a complete history, neurological tests, orthopedic tests and range of motion assessment all to determine the origin of the pain.

Most of us have heard about “Sciatica pain” and many times it is a diagnosis that has been given to the patient. Sciatic pain can be caused by many various causes. The sciatic nerve is one of the longest nerves in our body, stretching from the lower back through muscles in the buttocks and down the leg. At any point if sustained pressure is put on this nerve we can have symptoms of Sciatica pain. This can entail a throbbing, numbing, burning, pins and needles or radiating pain traveling from the lower back through the buttocks down the legs. The initiation of the pressure can be caused by misaligned vertebrae, disc herniation, degenerative disc disease, injury and nerve entrapment by a muscle. It can be from one of these or a combination so treatment is different for each person. Proper diagnosis is important to help speed up the treatment process and treat correct area. This pain can be identified and the source targeted to allow you to continue and enjoy the everyday moments of life.

How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

There is no better way to improve upon your health than to eat more nutritiously. Just a few simple changes in diet and lifestyle can have a positive impact on your health and life. It is seen that younger people are starting to suffer from more heart diseases, not just because of their diets, but from inactivity as well. Due to this trend, Chiropractors and other medical professionals are urging patients to eat a more balanced diet, drink more water, exercise daily, and balance their diets with the appropriate nutritional supplements.

Here are a few tips you can use to better your lifestyle:

  • Move and exercise for at least 20-30 minutes a day.
  • Drink eight to ten 8 oz. glasses of water a day. Drink less soda, alcohol, and coffee.
  • Have 25-30 grams of fiber every day.
  • Try to eat out less and make homemade meals more. Restaurants typically involve many wrong kinds of sugar and fat in their dishes.


Scott Bartow

Dr. D'Souza is awesome! I had been having pain in my right leg from running, after my adjustment I shaved over three minutes off of my 5k time. Also sleeping the best I have in months. Great experience!

Amy B.

Balance 4 Life Chiropractic and Graston Technique has greatly reduced my Plantar Fasciitis pain of 2 years. Most patients are not familiar with this technique, it truly is an amazing procedure and the results are proven. Dr. D is committed to your health and nutrition. The most important part of therapy is he listen’s and takes the time to explain the treatment and how it works within your muscles. Thank you!

Dana Hatton

Good Morning Miracle Worker!! I have to tell you I have not hurt since Friday afternoon!! And I always hurt, or rather used to always hurt. You are incredible!…I feel worlds better and everyone should come see you!


I’m so happy to have found the doctor at balance4lifechiropractic. In just a few short months, he helped me not only with the pain in my back, but also with nutritional counseling. He inspired me to improve my diet and to workout to get into better physical shape. Most importantly, he spends time with me, using the latest techniques and equipment to help me with my back pain. I’m hooked and can’t imagine going to any other chiropractic center ever again!…